My grandfather was a food scientist and I always found what he did to be interesting. As a young child my parents took me traveling around the world for a few years where I experienced and enjoyed eating with others from different cultures and enjoying their culinary delights. I was always the kid with the strange foods throughout school. My brother is a chef and my father is and always will be the best cook in the world. 

Food has always been a major love and passion of mine. I cannot follow a recipe EVER. My passion is being creative in the kitchen and reinventing the wheel with substitutions for healthy alternatives. Quite often what I originally wanted to make turns into something else... My Husband is always the guniea pig and so are his work colleagues.

I am mother to baby Jack (4) and Imogen Grace (3), and I think it is the best job in the world. It wasn't always easy though. Personally I found pregnancy one of the hardest most uncomfortable times in my life. Not to mention the first few months of motherhood! If I thought I was an empathetic practitioner before, now after becoming a mother I am someone people turn to for advice throughout the difficult times. I have seen so many people struggle with falling pregnant, encountering antenatal depression, post natal anxieties/depression and severe sleep deprivation. I know first hand and second hand just how hard these times can be. When going through these tough times I said to myself, I will do everything in my power to help other mums who feel like this, and so my clinic is thriving as we become a united motherhood. 


Children, they really are the best humans! I love everything about children, working with them, playing with them and watching them learn. Sadly kids can become unwell and need a lot of TLC. I find kids love coming to see me in my practice and my claim to fame is I can turn veggie haters into veggie lovers, and that is why I love my job

As hormones, pregnancy, babies and beyond makes up a huge proportion of my clients, I see a lot of cranky GUTs, male endocrine conditions, fat loss, thyroid and auto-immune conditions. Through functional medicine, nutritional and dietary advice and quality supplementations, together we can help you find your WELLNESS....


In 2003 I began my studies in a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy and Nutrition a 4-year degree, which I absolutely enjoyed every part of. My passion for reading research and how supplements and foods work biochemically in the body has always been where my heart is. I knew I wanted to work "behind the scenes" to learn as much as possible about my love of nutritional medicine.  I worked at Health World  for the best part of 6 years, with an 18 month gap to travel and work abroad in Europe and gain valuable industry experience. 

At Metagenics, I worked as a Technical Support Officer where I would handle some of the trickiest and in depth cases with other practitioners. Together we would workshop and researching to find the best treatment options for their patients. I also worked in the Health World research clinic, treating many patients. Through food, supplements, lifestyle, a thorough case taking and clinical testing I help my patients accomplish their best health possible. I have taken a earnest interest in preconception health, pregnancy, postnatal disorders and children's ailments. 

My career has seen me develop my skills as a practitioner in these areas, and have seen me become an empathetic health care provider, a mother and an individual. Live Blood Screening, Case taking, Dietary documentation, urine analysis, zinc testing and many other methods to ensure that I am offering an individual collaboration of my patients' overall health. From there we work as a team to get you the results you came to see me for. 

I am now the proud owner of Brisbane based Mums and Bubs Nutritionist Clinic and work within the Natology Functional Medicine team in Teneriffe