Eggs, They Really Are Eggcellent!

Eggs are and absolute nutritional powerhouse! They are the perfect protein all wrapped up in a neat little package. Nutritionally dense and one of the easiest snacks or meal to prepare…

  1. Eggs are a complete protein; they contain all of the essential amino acids making them complete. Did you know that the average egg contains well over 11 different essential vitamins and minerals? That’s right the humble egg packs a punch. 
  2. Bursting with the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which are fabulous for eye health, and keeping the eyes sharp and even protecting the eyes from deterioration, as we get older. 
  3. They are the aces of spades when it comes to fertility. Protein, vitamin D, antioxidants, essential monounsaturated fat and omega 3 for growth and healthy foetal development. A great dose of vitamin B12 and E to boot!
  4. A brain food! Eggs naturally contain choline, which is very important for brain development, cell membrane integrity and nervous tissue. Choline is important for early brain development in a foetus and through the early years of childhood, right until the day we eat our last egg, helping to boost memory.
  5. Weight loss. That’s right eggs wont make you fat! The good fats in these eggs and the quality protein can actually keep you fuller for longer! Research has shown that eating an egg for breakfast can increase satiety (telling your body you are no longer hungry). Thus meaning we make better food choices throughout the day and essentially are less likely to overeat. 
  6. Lastly another egg myth busted! They don’t raise bad cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol doesn’t actually raise cholesterol. The cholesterol from eggs can help raise the HDL (good cholesterol) and has been shown to not raise LDL (bad cholesterol). Of course everything in MODERATION and if you are concerned about genetic hypercholesterolemia make sure you speak to your health care professional. 

From a Nutritional Perspective... 
Ok, this for me is an absolute must. If you are going to buy eggs, please please buy the best ones you can afford with your budget! Eggs are wonderfully nutritious for you and your loved ones, but be aware of the different farming techniques out there. Yes caged eggs are cheaper and a lot of us are on a budget. If there is one thing you can change about the way you eat, it’s the quality and humanity of your chickens and EGGS!

Caged eggs are kept in small cages, have been shown to have lower bone strength and are often kept either under synthetic light or no light at all. Free-range eggs are housed in barns and able to roam for up to 8 hours per day. The bees knees really are certified organic eggs which are free to roam, have not been exposed to antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The chicken feed is 95% organic and are generally happier chooks. In my opinion happier chickens lay happier eggs and are unmistakably tastier, and better for us. 

(Have a chat to the farmers at your local markets about how they farm their chickens and the welfare of these animals. )