Nourish, Create and Get Messy

My passion and background has always been women’s health, fertility, preconception, pregnancy, antenatal and post natal disorders and I love helping my clients everyday. However, MOST of all I LOVE working with kids. Kids are just the best humans! Fun and full of life, kids are a blank canvass we can really get in there and teach them how important food from the earth is, where it comes from, what it should really taste like and that imperfections in fruit and vegetables are a good thing, just like fingerprints they make them individual and tell a story.

Teaching kids the art of cooking and nourishing themselves with the best is a fantastic opportunity. I love nothing more than sitting down with my clients and getting them EXCITED about food again. There is no need to be scared of it, we can make it as simple or as complicated as you can handle. 
Feeding your bubs and kids healthy and nutritious foods doesn’t mean they have to have quinoa and mung bean dahl every day, it just means a variety of fresh, seasonal produce, just as nature intended on our plates.

I try to teach kids to try to aim to eat a rainbow a day,  the best advice i can give parents is to enjoy eating simply and try not to overcomplicate things. One ingredient from each food group is the best way to get all the vital nutrients that help to keep those little brains fire on all cylinders ALL DAY. 

My tips to get kids EXCITED about food:

1.     Get excited about eating good food, explain why it is good
2.     Get them involved (kids love to get messy in the kitchen)
3.     Have meal times together as a family
4.     Tell jokes and stories at the dinner table
5.     Let the kids help to plan the menu for the week
6.     Play with your food – make shapes, forests and faces
7.     Grow and harvest your own food (where possible)
8.     Visit the local farmers markets

Of course we are all doing our best when it comes to our kids' health. These tips are all well and good just like rainbows and sunshine. BUT, as mummas and Dads know this isn’t always the case and rain and hail is inevitable, we just need to keep trying to nourish those babes and doing the best we can. Kids will be fussy and will have their own likes and dislikes, but lets encourage them to know what real food is again. Ditch the packaged, processed stuff, get dirty in the kitchen and ignite the creativity and fun that can be had!

 When in doubt, eat ice-cream, (healthy ice-cream of course).

Summer Mango Lassi – Icy Pole

Mango Lassi – icy pole

  1. 2 small, ripe mangoes peeled and chopped (suck on the pip and discard)
  2. ½ cup coconut yoghurt, or coconut milk
  3. pinch of cardamon

Method: Blend ingredients together and place in icy pole moulds and freeze.