How I started my dream career in natural medicine. 

The story starts wayyy back when I was 16... I had, like most teenagers the dreaded glandular fever! And my mum being the alternative hippy she was took me to see a natural therapist.... who, I feel changed my life. She helped me recover from glandular fever and get through grade 12, with energy, alive and well. I looked at mum and said, that’s what I want to do... 


As most teenagers do, they get a little lost with their career choices. So after graduation I began a Degree in Communication. I actually don’t even know what that is. It took my first year of uni to realise that this wasn’t at all what I wanted to do. So, I packed up from the beautiful Sunshine Coast, the beach and all its glory and moved to Brisbane to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College of natural health . I started in 2002 and after 4 years full time, I finally got my degree.

College life was great, I met so many friends, I actually loved studying and never felt like it was a chore, each subject (even chemistry) was so relatable and I felt like I could take so much from each class. 

From there, being quite young myself I decided I didn’t want to go out into practice straight away, instead I wanted to work for a big natural medicine company where I could hit the ground running, whilst learning and gaining confidence in my self as a Naturoath. So Metagenics it was, I worked in numerous roles over that time and even took 18 months off to travel Europe. In Europe my degree allowed me to manage Health Food stores in Islington even served celebrities like Geri Halliwell (ginger spice) and Anne Hathaway. I also spent time writing a few articles for the Women’s Health Magazine in London. 

In 2011 we came home and married and I began back at a Metagenics in a technical support role. I loved it, the friends I made, the research, the technical information, the Christmas parties and working with some of the most passionate and intelligent Naturopaths getting around. It was there I discovered my authentic love for hormones and functional pathology. 

I then fell pregnant with my first baby Jack who is now 4, and started my own business Mums and Bubs Nutritionist. The passion really exploded from there and then there was and IS no stopping me. 

From here, I joined Mums and Bubs with a gorgeous inner city clinic called Natology. Where I work 4 days a week and see a range of clients, from my own womens and fertility clients to kids with sensory issues, behavioural problems ... a lot of GUT clients, mental health cases thanks to the referrals from the psychologists I work alongside. 

I use functional testing daily in my practice, and believe in “test don’t guess” and thorough case taking to get the results my clients desire. 


The options are endless and every day I feel like I am living the dream. Running my own business, working in a successful practice, writing eBooks, all whilst being a mum and still finding the time to be inspired and cook up healthy meals for my family. 

My degree has allowed me to do all of this and more. The best part of being a Naturopath is being a part of changing someone’s life. Giving them the tools to take a look at their health in a different way. When you help someone, I mean REALLY help someone, there is nothing better than that - Absolutely nothing! 

Anyone wishing to study natural medicine, I encourage you to do it. You will gain life changing knowledge, that you can take anywhere you want to go.  whether it is for your own health or your loved ones. Throughout your degree, your passion will explode and from then on in, you will never stop learning and wanting to know more.  The day I stop learning I will retire a happy woman. 

Thank you Endeavour College for giving me this lifestyle.