Exploring natural treatment options for a natural pregnancy.

Perhaps you have a history of pregnancy complications and or have been unsuccessful in conceiving anywhere from 6 months to 10 years. At Mums and Bubs Nutritionist we can assist you with a natural fertility management program which is tailored to yours and your partners needs.

Many contributing factors can impact on your fertility health:

  • Weight problems

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Nutritional deficiencies and polymorphisms

  • PCOS

  • Poor sperm health or low sperm count

  • Stress

  • Thyroid problems

Creating an optimum environment for a healthy pregnancy it really is like trying to grow a plant. we need to have healthy soil, we need to water and feed the soil, we need a healthy seedling to start with, then we need to care for it and give it lots of love and attention so it can grow into a beautiful plant. we need to do this with our bodies. 

Its not just the female that needs to do the leg work, drag that partner of yours along for the journey and we can give him some homework. Together we can look at uncovering the underlying factors that are hindering your conceiving efforts. Working as a team, at Mums and Bubs Nutritionist we will work with your doctors and other fertility specialists. 

Childrens learning and behavioural problems. 

Does your childhave any behavioural problems, learning difficulties, eczema, asthma, digestive or immune problems?

Perhaps your child has a food allergy or an intolerance? Childhood food allergies are very common, and often can worsen your child behaviour if left untreated.

At Mums and Bubs Nutritionist we are experienced in identifying the kinds of foods that may actually be worsening your childs symptoms. We can take you through the process of keeping a food and symptom diet diary and cut out the guess work for you with practical suggestions to reduce food intolerance symptoms such as;

  • Fuzzy thinking, poor concentration, tired, headaches.

  • Digestive – nausea, belching, bloating, wind, diarrhea, constipation, thirsty, pain, itchy or burning anus.

  • Skin – eczema, rashes, pimples, itching, hives, flushing.

  • Muscles/ Joints – cramps, spasm, weakness, pain, swelling, fluid retention.

  • Depressed, hyperactive, anxious, tense, irritable.

  • Eyes – itchy, burning, red, puffy, dark circles, blurred.

  • Ears – blocked, itchy, ringing.

  • Nose – sneezy, blocked sinuses, itchy, dripping, hayfever.

  • Mouth – bad taste, metallic, excess saliva, tight throat, mucus.

  • Chest – asthma, tight chest, wheezy, irregular heartbeat.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit - recommendations for elimination diets. 

We have successfully helped many infants and children with sensitive tummies and digestive problems. Whether it be colic, reflux, diarrhoea, constipation, excessive wind, worms and griping tummy pain. Children's digestive systems are very sensitive, right form birth their tummies are still developing and maturing. Perhaps they have been on a course of antibiotics, or the introduction of new foods, or even picked up a bug. We can help you identify causes and help you fix these problems. 

There are simple ways we can find out which foods you or your child may be allergic to. We can send you for food allergy testing which test 96 foods through a simple test. It is amazing how your child's health can improve after removing the burdening food. 

There are many ways we can naturally balance your hormones. Utilising all of the tools we have we can take a wholistic approach, including dietary advice, herbal remedies and natural supplements alongside stress management strategies and most importantly TEST done GUESS. 

Hormonal imbalance symptoms:

  • Weight problems

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • PMS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, lumpy and cystic breast tissue

  • Infertility

  • Irregular periods

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Low libido

  • Vaginal dryness,

  • Thrush

  • Acne and spotting

  • Hair in unwanted places, or hairloss.

At the clinic we use a vast range of functional pathology testing to ensure we get it right! We use Salivary hormone and adrenal profile testing, Dried Urine Tests such as the D.U.T.C.H test which uses state of the art technology to give you real answers. There are 4 different D.U.T.C.H tests we use.

Millions of women suffer from hormonal imbalances. Whether it is menopause, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, premenstrual symptoms (PMS), mood swings, or depression, these symptoms can lead to more serious problems if misdiagnosed. Identifying the root cause of chronic health issues is certainly correctable, but only if properly identified. The DUTCH test was created to provide insight into many of these concerns, working to deliver the most complete assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, in one easy to administer test. No blood to draw, spitting in tubes or filling up jugs of urine. The dried urine collection process is great for baseline measurements of women with hormonal imbalances and for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) monitoring. After utilising the DUTCH test, you will be able to work with me to continue to track and evaluate hormone levels, ensuring they are at their optimum balance. HAPPY DANCE.

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With support and guidance from your Practitioner, following a detoxification program can be an effective strategy for improving the state of your health.

The Detoxification Programs Explained

There are five Detoxification Programs - The Express Detox Program, The Integrated Detox and three specialised variations. Your Practitioner will recommend the program that is most suited to your health needs and will tailor your detoxification so that you can achieve the best possible results. Throughout the chosen program, your Practitioner will prescribe nutritional and herbal formulas with dietary and lifestyle guidelines to support and enhance your detoxification processes. Your individual product prescription and the duration of treatment will vary depending on which program is appropriate; however dietary and lifestyle guidelines remain consistent for all the detox programs.

Your Practitioner will select one of the following detoxification programs, tailored to your individual health needs:

  • Express Detox Program: The Express Detox may be recommended for individuals who are simply aiming to optimise their current state of good health and do not suffer from digestive or chronic health concerns. This short two week detox may be appropriate for those who are essentially well, but who have recently overindulged. It is also ideal as a regular ‘spring clean’ detox after having completed one of the Integrated or Specialised Detoxification programs previously, to keep you well in the long term.

  • Integrated Detox Program: A four week program suitable for most patients to improve their digestive health, liver function and overall health and wellbeing. This program is appropriate for those with general digestive or health imbalances and may aid in supporting healthy intestinal microbial balance.

  • Specialised Gut Detox: An extended six week detoxification program ideal for those who suffer from chronic or extensive digestive symptoms, or experience digestive conditions and imbalances in gut flora that negatively impact on health and wellbeing.

  • Specialised Liver Detox: An extended six week detoxification program may be recommended to those with a high level of chemical exposure or who require additional liver support to improve health.

  • Specialised Chelation Detox: An extended six week detoxification program to support those exposed to heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury or cadmium. This program enhances the removal of heavy metals.


  • Pregnancy: Detoxification should not be attempted during pregnancy. If you fall pregnant while doing a detox you should stop the program and contact your Practitioner. If you are planning to conceive, it is however, a very good idea for both partners to detoxify before pregnancy. Eggs and sperm take three to four months to develop, so you should aim to have completed your detox at least four months prior to conception.

  • Medication: Many prescription medications can be affected by the detoxification process. However, it is unusual that you will need to alter the dosage of the medication you are taking; you may just need to separate the doses away from your detox supplements. Your Practitioner will be able to advise you if the medication you are taking will be affected by your detox, and if this is the case, will provide recommendations on what to do. Be sure to inform your Practitioner of any medication you are taking before you start your detox.

  • Side effects: Occasionally people may experience adverse symptoms during a detoxification program, such as nausea, changes in bowel function or headaches. Generally these are short term and will resolve without need for intervention; however, you should discuss them with your Practitioner if they are severe or last more than a few days.

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Shake It

  • Real Food

  • Lasting Results

  • Long Term Wellness

  • Professional Advice and Support

Are you overweight?

Do you ever catch yourself thinking, "how did I end up here?", or seeing your reflection and not recognising yourself? Maybe you would feel happier with yourself if you lost those last few kilos. You are not alone; almost 60% of Australians and New Zealanders are overweight.

Find a weight loss program to fit you

With so many products and weight loss systems in the market place how do you decide what is right for you?

As each person is uniquely different we believe it is best to seek qualified professional advice in order to gain long-term results. It is important that you follow a weight loss program that suits you without adding further risks to your health and wellbeing. By seeking advice from your qualified Healthcare Practitioner you will better understand the whole picture of weight loss and be empowered with the right information to assist you in making the right decisions, not only for your immediate future, but for the rest of your life. What a great investment!

Shake It can help

The Shake It Professional Weight Management Program, combined with the qualified support and advice from your Healthcare Practitioner, is one of the most effective fat loss programs available.

Shake It assists you to lose up to 2 kg of fat per week whilst preserving your muscle mass. Most calorie-restricted diets produce disappointing results due to the excessive loss of muscle mass. The loss of muscle reduces your metabolic rate (ability to burn calories) and increases your likelihood of putting the fat back on (yo-yo dieting).

Make an appointment with your Healthcare Practitioner today to talk about commencing Shake It, therefore avoiding the damaging effects of yo-yo dieting. Gain long-term results and lasting knowledge on how to create the body that you want to see and the health you want to feel.

The importance of the right advice and support

Your qualified Healthcare Practitioner is the best person to explain Shake It to you. They will complete an individual analysis of your body composition, help you to set goals, and monitor your progress during your fat loss program. They can help you stay focused on your goal and journey as well as make it a fun experience.

Access the Shake It website for more information

The Shake It website (www.shake-it.com.au and www.shake-it.co.nz) is a free source of additional support and information, including;

  • Shake It recipes

  • Shopping list

  • Downloadable diary for you to track your progress

  • Tips to stay on track

  • Tips for eating out

  • Health Rebate advice, and more

Your Healthcare Practitioner can also supply you with your own Shake It Booklet with detailed dietary advice and your own Shake It Recipe Book full of delicious healthy recipes.

Men, being the other half of the conception dance can also have hormonal imbalances. Sperm is produced every 90 days, it is entirely possible to improve sperm count, motility, quality of DNA in 3 months. Unlike women who are born with all of their egg folicules, men can actually improve their sperm health in many cases. Through herbs, dietary and lifestyle advice this can help boost sperm health and often help correct hormonal imbalances in men. 

Factors affecting men's fertility:

  • Low or high testosterone

  • Poor sperm count

  • Exposure to mining industries, farming, and chemical exposure

  • DNA issues

  • Motility

  • Morphology

  • Cysts

  • Lifestyle

  • Alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs, and

  • Stress

Monash IVF Clinic have some great tips on their website - click here

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